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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE FOR TEACHING:  Coronavirus Guidance from the Digital Education Team

What do you need to do?

During the current Coronavirus epidemic everyone is seeking virtual meetings and teaching options are vital. We have a range of tools that can assist you.

See our video conference guidance

Calling staff or students directly or arranging a meeting with a group of people - Skype for Business

Small to large group meetings, Viva and collaboration - BlueJeans    

 Guidance is provided by the Digital Education Office on approaches to online teaching and learning

Need further help?   Please Contact Us if you need any guidance or help on choosing the right conferencing tool for you and your team 


Handset‌Unified Comms is part of IT Services.  We provide all aspects of telephony services throughout the University of Bristol. In addition to administering the internal telephone system, the team is responsible for:

If you are having problems please first check the IT Services Status page first to see if there is a known issue.

If you cannot find the appropriate information then please contact the team in Unified Comms:


University switchboard and contact directories


How we are supporting you during the COVID-19 lockdown

In the week of 16-20 March, there were 1,912 BlueJeans video conferences organised by University staff, totalling over 180,000 minutes. 92% of the people who rated their video experience with BlueJeans marked it as positive, and we are contacting the 4% who rated it poorly to offer training and advice.

Whilst you do not need a BlueJeans account to join a video conference, 742 people have registered in order to create their own conferences. For more information on registering, please follow this link.

For smaller video meetings and calls, Skype for Business is more appropriate. Everyone with an account at the University has a Skype account, totalling over 50,000.

For calls, texts and internet access, there are also 1445 SIMs in circulation across the University. On average, we allocate 10 new SIMs per month; in March that number has increased to 56.

Incidents logged through to Unified Comms increased from an average of 160 per week to 633 in the week of 16-20 March. They have now settled down to more normal levels.

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Who We Are

Kevin Thomas - Unified Comms Manager
Steven Christopher - Unified Comms Specialist
Graham Moss - Unified Comms Specialist
Emily Thomas - Project Implementation Officer
Justin Clews - Unified Comms Specialist
Deb Watts - Unified Comms Support Administrato
Della Westcott - Unified Comms Support Administrator
Sally Gregory - Unified Comms Customer Support Assistant                            


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