Useful tools


No images yet

If your page needs an image, but you haven't sourced it yet, you can still lay the page out using a placeholder, which will show you how the page will look when finished.

  • is a free, quick and simple image placeholder service.

Editing images

When preparing your images for the web, you may need to resize or crop your chosen image in order to make it fit your slider or module.

For simple tasks like this, you can use one of these free, quick and easy to use an online tools;

  • Pixlr  - an online photo editor, with much of the same functionality as Photoshop
  • Web Resizer - a free online photo resizing tool.

Editing HTML layout code

If your pages contain complex elements like drop-downs, modules or embedded media, such as YouTube videos or Twitter streams, it can be easier to edit the HTML code outside of the CMS. There are plenty of free tools you can download or use online to help with this.


  • notepad++a free source code editor and Notepad replacement
  • Brackets - an open source code editor supported byAdobe


  • HTML Instant - a split-screen HTML editor. Add the HTML to the left pane to see it instantly displayed in WYSIWYG format in the right pane.
  • W3 Schools - similar to HTML Instant, but with a useful HTML tutorial resource.
  • Code anywhere - useful for complex layouts, as it colour-codes different elements. Free, but requires signup.

Fixing layout code

If the layout of your page doesn't look as expected, there may be a missing or incorrect piece of HTML that needs to be amended. Each browser has a set of built-in tools to help you review the page's HTML to find the problem.