Systems and tools

An overview of the different systems that contribute to the University's web presence. And tools that can help you make the most out of your website.

  • Content management systems

    Includes information on the University's main CMS, T4 Site Manager, and other systems, Plone, Zope and Apache.

  • Blogs

    Advice on choosing the most appropriate blogging platform for your needs.

  • Wikis

    What wikis are used for. And how to set one up.

  • Pure

    An overview of the University's current research information system and links to information on how it's used.

  • People Profiler

    Information on updating your profile, the information the displayed, and integration with Pure.

  • Analytics

    How analytics can help you optimise your website, how to request a report and what the report will show you.

  • Useful tools

    Free downloadable and online tools to help you edit images and edit or fix HTML layout code.

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The web style guide is managed by the Digital Communications team. Please contact the team if you have any comments or suggestions, or for further assistance.