Managing your website

Information on the key stages in the lifecycle of a website, the processes that you need complete at each stage  - and how the Digital Communications team will support you.

  • Web content strategy

    The University Web Content Strategy; what content strategy is and why it is important for the University's web presence.

  • New website: get started

    Includes website proposal form, and information on consultation and training if the proposal is successful.

  • Plan and structure

    Putting your audience first; how to structure a University website; content, using colours and successful website development.

  • Review and launch

    The QA and launch processes, redirecting users from your old to new website, and updating the corporate A-Z and PIMs indexes.

  • After launch

    Advice on how to keep your content current, when to change it, and who should be responsible for creating it.

  • Update an existing website

    How to get access and become a web publisher for an existing website.

  • Take over or hand over a website

    What to do if you are a new site administrator or are handing over to someone else.

  • Remove a website

    What to do if you want to remove a website from the University web presence, or let the public know it will no longer be updated.

Use our A-Z index to find what you are looking for.

External web designers and freelancers

If you are considering external help with your website, please contact the Digital Communications team.


The web style guide is managed by the Digital Communications team. Please contact the team if you have any comments or suggestions, or for further assistance.