Digital signage guidelines

Do you have concise, relevant and engaging content to share?

Digital signage provides a vital opportunity to get key communications out to students, staff and visiting members of the public.

Your message must:

  • Provide important or emergency information
  • Raise the profile of events, services or opportunities
  • Celebrate the achievements of University staff and/or students

Creating a slide

Use our Digital Signage Templates (Office document, 3,082kB), and save as a jpeg (resolution must be 1920 x 945 pixels).

Content must adhere to our visual identity and writing guidelines. You must also have permission to use any images you include. Websites such as Pexels provide royalty-free images.

  • Keep text simple, short (under 20 words) and in large font
  • Consider your audience
  • Include a clear call to action
  • Proofread

Legal obligations

Digital screen content must not include illegal, offensive, threatening or harassing material, or anything which can constitute a criminal offence (including breach of copyright). You must comply with current Data Protection, Freedom of Information and copyright legislation.

You are also subject to the University’s information security policy, particularly the University Information Classification Scheme. This document shows how different types of information should be treated. Anything uploaded to digital signage should be considered as broadcasting in the public domain.

Submitting a slide

The communications team will advise if digital signage is the best channel for your message; and if so, which screens it should appear on.

Slides must be sent at least three weeks in advance.

Send your submissions, and any queries, to

Signage (non-digital)

The Signage guidelines (PDF, 1,022kB) provide detailed information on the design, production and installation of signage around the University.

Signs should be ordered through Grounds Services. Contact Alan Stealey,, +44 (0)117 331 4910.

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