Date published: 14 June 2021

We're always working to improve our website and intranet to meet user needs. This is our current roadmap. We plan to update it every quarter.

Student recruitment workstream

  • Prospective students and those who influence them can quickly and effortlessly see why they should choose the University of Bristol.

Research workstream

  • Users can easily discover and explore the breadth of academic expertise and research activity at the University.

Student experience workstream

  • Students have a seamless and efficient digital experience, enabling them to live and study well while at the University of Bristol.
  • Ensure content is easy to find, and is meaningful, cohesive, engaging and sustainable.

Staff experience workstream

  • University staff have one source of truth for all the information they need to do their jobs.

Content ecosystem workstream

  • Content across our website is user-centred, accessible and meets business needs.
  • Provide a seamless content infrastructure that enables users to easily find their way through information.

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