Stay safe, be respectful

We all have responsibilities to behave and follow the latest COVID-19 safety measures to keep everyone - fellow students, staff and the wider Bristol community - safe and well.

Find out who is in your Living Circle

To find out who is in your living circle:

  1. Log in to Blackboard to see a list or, 
  2. Talk to one of your residential life team who can help.

Stay safe

  1. Stay in your living circle (if you are in halls) or household and,
  2. Follow social distancing when outside your group.

If you do, you can:

  • Enjoy face-to-face teaching
  • Get to know Bristol better and avoid a local lockdown
  • Keep our community safe
  • Make the most of your student experience

Meet people and make connections at virtual events hosted by the Students' Union and on our events hub.

In the University community

Stay safe

Be respectful

  • Consider the feelings and safety of people who may:
    • not be able to wear a face covering
    • feel vulnerable because they or their family members have underlying health conditions
    • come from different parts of the world and need to get used to UK guidance
  • Help other people to understand and follow the rules:

In the local community

Living away from home brings responsibilities. It's important to remember you are part of a community.

Stay safe

Be respectful

Many of you live in mixed communities. You may live in a community where children are going back to school, elderly people live or people are working from home.

House parties

We do not recommend holding, hosting or attending house parties, they are likely to impact the wider community. We will take reports of any house parties very seriously.

Get involved with your community

Get involved with your community and make a positive impact in the new COVID-19 world. Take part in one of our volunteering opportunities and make the most of your time at university.

Breaking COVID-19 regulations

We will investigate any reports we receive about off-campus antisocial behaviour.

If you break the guidelines, you may be subject to disciplinary action, including fines, suspension or exclusion.

Read our Covid-19 Behavioural Policy (PDF, 95kB)


NHS COVID-19 app

Download the official NHS contact tracing app to know when you’re at risk from Coronavirus and to alert your loved ones, and your community.

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