Living in University residences

Your flatmates in University accommodation will be your living circle. Find out how living circles will work.

What a living circle is

This year we are introducing living circles, to help keep you safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

A living circle is a household in your university accommodation. Your living circle will be the people you can interact with closely each day.

Depending on your accommodation, your living circle could be a single flat, more than one flat, or a single floor of your hall of residence.

The living circle allocated to you is the one you will stay with for the first year.

Your accommodation application

You’ll be asked to rank your preferred residences.

We have a range of accommodation options, to suit your preference of household size, location and price range. Shared rooms will not be offered this year.

Catered accommodation will be takeaway service for now as a safety precaution. We will review this approach if government alert levels for coronavirus change.

You can let us know if you’d prefer to live in a flat that is:

  • Single sex
  • Mature students only
  • Alcohol-free
  • Kosher
  • LGBT+

We will try to meet your preferences but are unable to make a guarantee.

If you have accessibility or health needs that might affect your accommodation choices, let us know when you apply, so that we can match you with suitable housing.

If you will not be living in University accommodation, read our advice about renting privately.

Moving in

You will be sent an online induction before you arrive, to let you know accommodation rules, expected behaviours and how to stay safe on campus.

You’ll also be able to connect with your living circle via social media.

Arrivals will be staggered over an extended arrival period. You’ll be asked to book a time slot to move into your residence.

We recommend social distancing from your flatmates as much as possible for the first 14 days after you arrive. This is in case anyone in your household develops coronavirus symptoms over that time.

Interacting with your living circle

After the first two weeks, you will not need to distance from your living circle as they are your new household.

You'll be able to socialise, study together, and support each other, as a student community. This will be especially important as you adapt to life in Bristol and the blended learning environment.

You’ll be invited to attend virtual events and activities in your first few weeks, as well as in-person events with your living circle.

You will not be allowed to have anyone other than those in your living circle inside your flat.

You will be able to meet with others who are not in your living circle outside of your accommodation but must follow social distancing guidelines.

Support and safety

Senior and chief residents and peer mentors will be here to support you while you are living in University accommodation.

Cleaning and hand washing and are still important within your living circle.Find out how we’re keeping residences clean and safe.

If someone in your living circle develops symptoms of coronavirus, the first thing to do is seek medical advice. If there is a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus in your living circle, you must tell the University. We will support you to self-isolate if necessary, following the government guidelines.

If the UK or local alert level for coronavirus changes, we will follow government and Public Health England guidance and continue to take measures to keep you safe.

If there is a full lockdown again, and you are unable to return home, you will be able to remain in your accommodation.

Accommodation in 2020/21

Find out more about living in university accommodation in 2020/21.

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