Tests for travel

You may need a coronavirus test when travelling to or from the UK. Find out if you can claim expenses.

Check you can travel

Check current government guidelines to ensure you can travel.

When you are eligible to claim

International students

You can claim up to £150 per journey towards the cost of testing for international travel in the following situations:

  • Arriving in the UK for the first time for your course in 2021/22 academic year (travel after 18 January 2021)
  • Moving once from your term-time address to your vacation address during the winter travel window (2 December 2020 to 31 January 2021)
  • Moving once from your vacation address to your term-time address after 18 January

If your first return to the UK was after 15 February and you had to quarantine and get 2 PCR coronavirus tests we will give you an additional £210 towards the cost of the tests.
This applies to one journey only in 2021.  Find out more about the mandatory test package required by every student entering the UK.

Students taking overseas placements

We will pay up to £150 per journey where a test is required at the beginning or end of a placement to:

  • be able to enter the country you have a placement in or
  • return from your placement to the UK

If you return to the UK after 15 February and you have to quarantine and get 2 PCR coronavirus tests we will give you an additional £210 towards the cost of the tests.

If you have to enter 2 countries because you are doing a joint honours you may be eligible for 2 payments.

We will not cover visits during your placement to the UK.

When you aren't eligible to claim for expenses

We cannot pay for tests to leave the UK after 1 February for either:

  1. a home visit or,
  2. to return home at the end of your course

However, if you are struggling we have emergency and hardship funds available.

We are not able to pay towards tests carried out as part of the Test to Release scheme.

We will not pay for travelling home for the spring vacation as government advice is to remain in the UK.

How to claim back test expenses

  1. Keep your:
    1. receipt for the test which must include the cost of the test
    2. proof of your travel such as a flight booking confirmation
  2. complete the COVID test claim form.

If you have any questions email: covid-response-enquiries@bristol.ac.uk

Check the government's foreign travel advice for details of testing requirements by country.

Find out more about international travel: restrictions and quarantine.

Undergraduate students on study and work abroad placements

The UK Government rules now say you can only travel internationally where you have a legally permitted reason to leave home.

We recommend you only travel to take up a placement overseas where you cannot reasonably study or work remotely.

If you are already overseas and are happy to stay there we recommend you continue your placement with the awareness that the new variant of COVID-19 has created a more volatile global situation.

If you return to the UK at any point, follow the government guidance on entering the UK.

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