Mental Health and Wellbeing Survey Findings 2018/2019

In 2018/19, many of you shared your views about mental health and wellbeing support by taking our Mental Health and Wellbeing Survey, delivered with the Bristol Students' Union. Your views are changing how we support your wellbeing at Bristol.
Find out how.

How your input has been used

  • Results from the 2018 survey informed our Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy.
  • We have shared the findings with all academic schools and will use them in action planning. Talk to your school to find out more and how to get involved.

What we have done

Thanks to your input, we've:

What we still need to do

  • Reduce loneliness by strengthening our community.
  • Make our pastoral support even stronger.
  • Continue to develop culturally-appropriate and inclusive support services to respond to all your needs.

This wouldn’t have happened without you. Thank you for sharing your views.

Next steps

  1. Action planning in all schools is taking place. To get involved, get in touch with your Staff-Student Liaison Committee rep.
  2. Follow our Shape Your Uni blog for more updates from our surveys.
  3. There’ll be another opportunity for you to tell us how it is with the 2020 Wellbeing Survey.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Summary Findings 2019

Mental Health and Wellbeing Survey 2019: Key Results Summary (PDF, 689kB)

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