Open units

Select open units

Before you select open units

  1. View the list of open units. Look at the level C/4 list.
  2. Check your preferred units don’t make your timetable unbalanced. Aim to take approximately 60 credits in teaching block 1 and 60 credits in teaching block 2.

Refer to the guidance email from your school office for any specific instructions or advice.

When to select open units

Your school will ask you whether you want to take an open unit when they contact you for your optional unit choices.

How to select open units

If you are choosing to take an open unit, it is recommended that you provide your school with three open unit choices, ranked in order of preference.

Find out which units you have been allocated

Open units you have been allocated are added to your teaching timetable. Access your timetable via the MyBristol portal from Friday 17 September. You should check that the open unit you have been allocated does not clash with your academic timetable. If there is a clash, please contact your school office.

If you have any questions about open units or your timetable, contact your school office. Your school office contact details are included in the email you received about open units.

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