You can get food delivered to you from a range of supermarkets and food delivery services. Find out what is available.

Online food delivery

How to order groceries online

Some supermarkets require you have a UK telephone number to set up an account to book online deliveries. Find out how to get a UK mobile phone number.

Supermarkets that offer online delivery service

Big supermarkets will stock some international foods. There are also a number of international food shops in Bristol. Some of these offer delivery.

We cannot recommend a supermarket. You should:

  • check and compare prices
  • find out the minimum amount you need to spend
  • check delivery costs.

Book a delivery slot

There is high demand for delivery slots so you may need to keep checking the websites and book in advance.

In the delivery instructions make sure you say if you are self-isolating. You may find the below articles useful:

Local online grocery deliveries

Local food organisations like Base and Roses (a food-based collective) can supply meals.

Local online grocery deliveries (for when all the supermarket slots are taken):

Volunteer cards

Get a volunteer card so that somebody else can go and get shopping for you without you having to exchange cash/bank details:

Meal delivery services

You can order pre-cooked meals from local restaurants to be delivered to your home through services including:

You can ask for your delivery to be contact-free. The delivery will be left near your door and the person delivering it will step away while you collect it.

Compare prices and delivery costs before deciding on your service.

Vegetable box delivery

You can order a regular delivery of fresh food to your door using a vegetable box scheme.

Some schemes allow you to add dairy, bread and other groceries to your order. Vegetable box providers include:

Recipe box delivery

Recipe box schemes deliver all the ingredients you need to make a meal. All the ingredients are provided in the right quantities. They can be expensive but there are often discounts for new customers.

Ready meal delivery

Some services deliver ready meals which you can store and reheat. These can be expensive so do your research, providers include:

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