Do I need to see the same Nurse?

You don’t need to always book to see the same nurse. Your medical record is shared so we can see what has been discussed on your previous appointment. If you prefer to see a particular nurse then you can request this. However if might not be the next available appointment.

Nurse or doctor?

At student health we have a large team of trained prescribing nurses. They are happy to see a wide variety of common problems. If they feel you need to see a doctor then they can arrange for you to be seen by the duty doctor that same day. Please help us by considering a nurse appointment rather than a doctor appointment.


Sarah Windatt - Nursing team manager and Nurse Prescriber

Sam Gaudion - Nurse Prescriber

Becky Marshall - Nurse Prescriber

Jo Cameron - Nurse Prescriber

Leonie Hastings - Practice Nurse

Kay Wensley - Practice Nurse

Jo McGarry - Practice nurse

Health Care Assistants

Julie Budd

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