Find out what immunisations /vaccines we offer, how to get a COVID booster and what immunisations you can catch up on if you didn't have them as a child.

Flu and Covid vaccinations 2023

This year we will be running our flu and COVID vaccination clinics in partnership with the other practices in our PCN (network), Healthwest.

Vaccine appointment

You will be offered both the flu and covid vaccines at the same appointment but you do not need to have both vaccines if you do not want to and there is no need to inform the practice of your decision before your appointment.

If we are able to text you, you will have the option to book via a self-booking link included in the SMS invite. Otherwise, we will send you an invitation by letter.

If you have received a text invite from us and are unable to book via the link, contact the practice from 10.30 am, to arrange your appointment.

Make sure you attend at the time of your appointment, otherwise we may not be able to vaccinate you.

Additional clinic dates

Our PCN (network) have organised some additional flu and or covid clinic dates for November 2023.

Patients who are eligible but have not yet had the vaccine or declined will be invited to book for these new dates.

These appointments will be held at Whiteladies Medical Group, but we will be inviting patients from the four practices in our network. The address is:

Whiteladies Medical Group
Whatley Road

Human Papilloma Virus vaccine (HPV)

This vaccine reduces your risk of cervical cancer if you are a woman and also reduces the risk of other oral and genital cancers in both women and men. if you've never had it, and are under 25 years, read more by visiting this page 

The JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation) has advised that one dose is as effective as two doses for protection from HPV infection. 
Anyone who received one dose of the vaccine before Sept 2023 will be considered fully vaccinated and doesn't need a booster. You can find the full guidance here:

You can book a catch-up HPV vaccination at Student Health from November 2023. We give the Gardasil 9 vaccine.

​Meningitis (ACWY) and Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)

You should ideally get your Meningitis ACWY vaccination at least 2 weeks before starting at university so you are immune before coming to Bristol.

We have appointments for any new student under the age of 25, who registers with us and has not had their MeningitisACWY and/or MMR vaccination. You will need to register online then make an appointment for your vaccinations. Find out more about meningtis vaccination 

All adults should have had two doses of MMR as a child. We can offer a catch up immunisation if you are not up to date. Find out more about MMR.

Immunisations for travel

Read our travel section for information about immunisations for travel.

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