Getting help for common medical problems

Different ways of getting advice if you are unwell, when to see a doctor and what to do if we are closed.

NHS symptom checker helps you to find what service to use, when to see a doctor, what to do if we are closed and what help you can get from pharmacies.

Live 111 chat Get medical help from the NHS directly on 111 or use the 111 live chat for advice if we are closed. You can request a translator.

Pharmacies can help with emergency medication, offer advice and can often prescribe medicines for common conditions such as conjunctivitis, urine infections and emergency contraception.

Minor injuries units are quicker and better than going to Accident & Emergency if you have an injury.

Unity Sexual Health Order a postal sexually transmitted infection (STI) screening kit and get online advice and information on contraception and sexual health.

University health and wellbeing pages Request support or counselling, find resources to help with study, sleep and stress.

NHS advice about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and testing

Student Health Apps

Download one of these free student apps for help and advice 

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