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Dr Noemi Lendvai-Bainton and Dr Yiming Wang celebrate with our Chinese Public Policy students at Shanghai graduation.

Masters in public policy students at Shanghai graduation

Dr Noemi Lendvai-Bainton and Public Policy graduates in Shanghai

China graduation public policy students

Public Policy graduates

15 April 2019

More than 330 students from the University of Bristol were honoured by the University’s Chancellor, Sir Paul Nurse, at the Graduation Celebration in Shanghai today (Saturday 13 April).

The event, which took place at the Ritz Carlton, Shanghai, was attended by more than 1,000 graduates and their guests as students were applauded by their peers, teachers, friends and family on what was one of the proudest days of their academic careers. Dr Noemi Lendvai-Bainton and Dr Yiming Wang attended the Graduation Celebration and hosted a reception for our graduating students.

Nobel Prize winner and Chancellor of the University of Bristol, Sir Paul Nurse, attended the event for the first time to present students with their degrees at a special celebration.

Sir Paul Nurse said: “I am really excited to be here, China is a country I know and admire and a graduation is a chance to celebrate a significant milestone in each student’s lives and to acknowledge the hard work they have put in to get their degree. It will be a proud day for us all.”

During his speech, Sir Paul Nurse left the students with some inspirational words of advice as they begin the next phase of their lives:

"Congratulations on achieving your degree and all the work which led up to it. Good luck with the next things that you do with your life. The world is a fascinating place; so let it inspire you. 

"There is so much to know, so much to learn, and so much to understand. Maintain your curiosity, be excited, take on new challenges, help your colleagues, think of the world and humanity and what you can do for them both."

This is the fifth trip the University of Bristol has made to China to host a graduation celebration in China to commend the achievements of its students. The Chancellor’s attendance this year marks the most senior representative from the University at the event to date. 

A high-profile delegation accompanied the Chancellor, including the University’s President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Hugh Brady, and Pro Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement) Dr Erik Lithander.

A large cohort of senior academics and staff from across the University of Bristol also made the journey to Shanghai, giving many of the graduates the opportunity to celebrate with a member of their faculty.

“It is always an enormous privilege as President and Vice-Chancellor to visit China and to be able to honour our graduates for their degrees in their home country and with their friends and family present,” said President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bristol, Professor Hugh Brady.

“We are particularly delighted that our Chancellor was also able to join us this year to share this memorable event.”

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