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Bristol Climate Change Question Time

20 September 2019

On 19th September, the Centre for Urban and Public Policy Research and the Cabot Institute for the Environment hosted a Climate Change Question Time for local secondary school children and the broader public. Dr Oscar Berglund from the School for Policy Studies invited a panel of leading climate change scholars, policymakers and activists to answer questions from a group of very engaged students.

There were some excellent questions like ‘What measures do we have to take to stop climate change now?’, ‘What is the best way for young people to influence politicians?’ and ‘Can we address climate change under a capitalist system that relies on profit and growth?’

The panel included:

Dr Jo House, Reader in Environmental Science and Policy
Dr Alix Dietzel, Lecturer in Politics and Climate Ethics
Dr Dann Mitchell, Research Fellow and Lecturer in Global & Regional Climate Change
Thangam Debbonaire, Member of Parliament for Bristol West
Carla Denyer, Bristol City Councillor for the Green Party
Liliom Stanley, Extinction Rebellion Youth
Lily Fitzgibbon, School Strike 4 Climate

Dr Oscar Berglund, ‘Young people have put the climate change at the top of the political agenda around the world. I thought of this event as a way for the university to support the young people of Bristol to struggle for action on climate change. I hope that encouraging them to learn from and question the climate change scholars, politicians and activists will have inspired young people in Bristol to take action on climate change and realise their own power.’

Carla Denyer cautioned, 'Always question what you are told. We are told that Bristol Airport will be carbon neutral. But when you question it, it turns out that it doesn’t include the emissions coming from the aeroplanes.'

Dr Alix Dietzel commented, ‘enjoyed engaging with school children this evening ahead of the global climate strike tomorrow. The panel featured climate scientists, youth activists, a local councilor, a local MP, and me. Amazing questions asked!’

Dr Dann Mitchell made two observations: 1) no one tried to deny climate change is occurring - progress. 2) I was the only guy on a panel of 7 - progress.

Academics & students from @UoBrisSPS will also be at College Green later today to show our support for the #climatestrike #SchoolStrike4Climate

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