As part of the Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) Programme we have developed a national repository (this is a collection of reviews) of anonymised case reports pertaining to people with learning disabilities.

The repository holds summaries of reviews including Safeguarding Adult Reviews, Serious Case Reviews, and Serious Incident Reports. 

We are working with Local Safeguarding Adults Boards and NHS Trusts to collect Safeguarding Adults Reviews (formally serious case reviews) and Serious Incident Reports to create a national repository (investigation reports) pertaining to people with learning disabilities. Also incorporating Ombudsman Reports, the Repository is formed of anonymised examples of deaths or ‘near misses’ (serious incidents), with key learning points and recommendations for each case. These are then thematically analysed to draw out common learning points which can be shared nationally.

*This repository is separate from the rest of the programme. It does not use any reviews carried out as part of the LeDeR programme.


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