'Why don’t policymakers listen to my evidence?’

29 January 2020, 10.00 AM - 29 January 2020, 11.50 AM

Professor Paul Cairney, University of Stirling

LT3, Arts Complex, Woodland Road

MSc Public Policy/Centre for Urban and Public Policy Research guest lecture

Paul Cairney will be giving a lecture to MSc Public Policy students and to members of the Centre for Urban and Public Policy Research on 29/1/19, drawing on his experiences of evidence based policy. Please register for this interactive session on Eventbrite.

Paul is Professor of Politics and Public Policy at the University of Stirling, UK (@Cairneypaul) and is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading public policy scholars. His research spans comparisons of policy theories (Understanding Public Policy, 2019), methods associated with key theories (Handbook of Complexity and Public Policy, 2015), international policy processes (Global Tobacco Control, 2012), and comparisons of UK and devolved policymaking. He uses these insights to explain the use of evidence in policymaking, in one book (The Politics of Evidence-Based Policy Making, 2016), several articles, and many blog posts: https://paulcairney.wordpress.com/ebpm/.

Paul was funded (2013-15) by the UK Economic and Social Research Council to compare policymaking processes in the UK and Scottish governments, focusing on areas such as prevention. He is currently funded by the European Research Council’s Horizon 2020 programme ‘IMAJINE’ to understand how to learn from – and transfer within the European Union – policies designed to reduce inequalities.

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