Why disability rights should matter to everyone

3 May 2017, 5.15 PM - 3 May 2017, 7.30 PM

Anson Rooms

** This talk is being cohosted by the Childhood Studies Society **

This talk by Michaela Hollywood will explore why, from birth to death, disability rights are important for all of society, and the positive impact they have. She will explain their importance to everything from navigating the education system and going on holiday, to everyday life with a disability. It will also cover campaigns such as the Muscular Dystrophy UK Trailblazers campaigning group and how groups like these are essential to creating a better society.

Michaela Hollywood is a Campaigns Officer for the Muscular Dystrophy UK's Trailblazers. Since she was 16, she's worked hard to advance Rights for disabled people, and in 2015 was awarded a Points of Light Award by UK Prime Minister David Cameron, and was named by the BBC on their 100 Women list - a list of 100 of the most inspirational women in the world.

Michaela was born deaf, and advocates for the inclusion of Sign Language in the national curriculum as she feels marginalised from the deaf community because she never learnt to sign. She was also born with spinal muscular atrophy type 2, a muscle-wasting condition which she describes as meaning she relies on others for everything but expressing and using her mind.

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