Shells and yolks: Domesticity, fortification and comfort

9 June 2017, 1.00 PM - 9 June 2017, 2.00 PM

Rowland Atkinson

School for Policy Studies, Room 7G1, 7 Priory Road, Clifton, BS8 1TZ

Hosted by the Centre for Urban and Public Policy Research

Event overview: A combination of rising social privatism and aspirations for personal autonomy and embedded housing tenure cultures have produced an embattled positioning domestic sphere. Pervasive expressions of fear and intrusion are experienced at the level of the individual/ised home and this is mirrored in attempts at domesticating urban spaces as well as debates about the control of national-domestic borders. At all levels market orientations in our political-economy stress and produce notions of individual authorship and responsibility that leave the security of the household, in the widest possible sense, left increasingly to household actors or increasingly aggressive external agencies. The resulting archipelago of fortress homes appears to be the concrete manifestation of a culture of fear, risk anxieties and market orientations, yet it also signals a particular social future in which anti-social and embattled actors compete for private resources that offer maximum security. This event is part of the School for Policy Studies lecture series 2017.

Rowland Atkinson is Chair in Inclusive Societies at the University of Sheffield. Rowland is an urban sociologist with a strong inter-disciplinary element to his work. His interests have tended to focus on the urban/spatial consequences of social divisions. These interests have generated significant research projects focused on household displacement from gentrification, social exclusion and housing policy interventions and the rise of gated communities in particular. Most recently, the impact of the super-rich on urban life have formed his major preoccupation alongside a renewed interest in the public role of social science and the university in community settings.

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