Combating violence against women internationally and in Iraqi Kurdistan

12 April 2017, 7.00 PM - 12 April 2017, 8.30 PM

Nazand Begikhani & Gill Hague (Centre for Gender and Violence Research, School for Policy Studies), Finn Mackay (University of the West of England)

Waterstones, Union Street, Bristol BS1 3XD

Violence against women is a widespread global problem, experienced by one in three of the world’s women (World Health Organisation). Professor Emerita Gill Hague and Dr. Nazand Begikhani, from the pioneering Centre for Gender and Violence Research, of which Gill was one of the two founders 27 years ago, explore how we can combat gender-based violence and transform women’s lives internationally, offering inspiring approaches from across the world. 

They will discuss violence against women and ‘honour’-based violence in the context of the Middle East, focussing on Iraqi Kurdistan, and will highlight some of the life-changing projects and activism in progress there.  While the subject is a distressing one, the event will showcase the transformatory and uplifting work of activists against violence against women internationally.  Both speakers are well-known poets and will each conclude the event with a poem.

This event is part of the Bristol Festival of Ideas programme.

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