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The Healthy Minds programme aims to help students experiencing mental health difficulties.

Based at the Indoor Sport Centre, Healthy Minds support students to take positive steps to improve the way you feel through a varied and socially engaging programme of physical activity sessions. If you are new to exercise or feel you need support to be more active, then this might be the right opportunity for you. Physical activity is a powerful tool to help improve wellbeing. You can develop new skills, interests and find ways to help you to feel better and stay well in the future.

How to take part

Healthy Minds is a referral programme. You can contact your faculty Student Wellbeing Advisers to discuss your eligibility for referral. If you getting support from the Student Counselling Service or the Mental Health Advisory Service, you can discuss your eligibility in an appointment, or for further information contact our team.

How it works

Your activity programme will be based on your circumstances and needs. The programme includes accessible, social and inclusive classes, gym and sports opportunities. You may take part in gym based activity with a supportive activity mentor from the Fitness Team. Or you may have the opportunity to take part in the social activity section of the programme. This is peer supported by our fantastic Student Activator team.

Benefits of Healthy Minds

Previous participants reported a wellbeing improvement of 49% after completing the programme. Research shows that there are two main ways activity is clinically-proven to improve mental health.

Bio-Physical aspect

Physical activity releases chemicals that boost mood. Regular activity is also key to developing strength, coordination and body composition.

Psycho-social aspect

Being active helps to improve your confidence and gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Regular activity also gives you the benefits of a structured routine and a strong sense of community.


This programme is free if you are eligible, however, we understand the link between finances and wellbeing. If cost is your main barrier to being more active then you could speak to the Student Funding Office. They may be able help you with financial support.

Case studies

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