Coaching Qualifications

Every sport needs coaches, and the skills you can develop through being a coach are valuable wherever life takes you. Put simply,coaching is helping others to achieve their full potential. It is a unique skill that can provide a wide range of rewarding experiences.

Bursaries are available to help students and staff members gain coaching qualifications in their chosen sport. Once qualified, we will help you gain coaching practice through sports clubs or within the community.

We are always looking for additional ways to support student coaches, from informal mentoring to additional training as well as the chance to meet other students who have taken on a similar role.

Ready to Coach?

For further details please contact us or to apply for a bursary please fill in and return our online form

How we help club development

"The University of Bristol Underwater Club (UBUC) has the largest training programme of BSAC (British Sub-Aqua Club) scuba divers anywhere in the UK. We have a constant inflow and outflow of instructors every year due to students starting or finishing university. In some years, many of our instructors remain in Bristol either on post-graduate/undergraduate courses or as alumni in the area. In other years, we occasionally have a number of instructors leave Bristol, which leaves us in a position where we are not able to meet the demand for training. The University's Coaching Development Programme has allowed us keep our club flourishing by making sure we have qualified students ready to keep club members safe and happy."

Ivan Horoshenkov - President of Underwater Club

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Coaching added a whole new dimension to my experience of being involved in sport at Bristol. Taking responsibility for a group of players and building a team has made for an amazing season!

George Fox, Student Football Development Coach

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