Kristian Tonev

I am Kristian, and I have been teaching for just over 2 years as I am writing this. I have been swimming for many years myself and would say I began teaching because the sport had such a positive effect on me in terms of building a great foundation for physical strength and ability, but also from a social and mental perspective. I am involved in the sport to this day, though in a slightly different variation in the form of playing water polo at the university (I am currently doing a BSC Hons degree in Economics at Bristol University). I find that my background makes me a relatable teacher to my swimmers because I always know how they are feeling and progressing even if they do not openly tell me. I am comfortable teaching a swimmer of any age as I have had experience teaching complete beginners (i.e., never swam before) all the way to swimmers competing at a regional level, as well as masters. The entire teaching team here is great and I am sure that you will find a teacher  that is just right for you. 
  • Teaching since September 2018 

  • ASA Level 2 Swimming Teacher, STA Pool Safety for Teachers award, UK-Coaching Safeguarding & Protecting Children award 

  • Background in swimming (Competed in swimming galas in the past at a younger age) 

  • Currently play water polo for the University of Bristol 

  • Work best with kids aged 7-11 that have had some prior experience swimming as they are in the development stage of their technique and at the beginning of conditioning training. I help build a strong foundation for swimmers to have the choice of whether they want to swim competitively, for leisure, or branch out to a different area of both aquatic and land-based sports.

Full Size Swim Teacher Headshot (Apr 21)
Kristian Image credit: Malaper Photography
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