John Mirmigkidis

My name is Ioannis Mirmigkidis (John) and I graduated in Physical Education and Sports Science in Greece in 2010 with main speciality in swimming. I am also a qualified Swim England Level 2 swimming teacher. My experience in the area of education has diversified since I have been teaching Physical Education in schools in Bristol as well as aquatic gym classes, and Personal Training.  

In swimming I have over ten years of experience in teaching and coaching. I have taught 1:1 lessons, group classes, with different age groups (Children to Adults) as well as in different levels of learning, including children and adults with special needs and disabilities. Working in different countries and cultures I am fluent in English and Greek, this has allowed me to have international experience.  

I’m enthusiastic about teaching all ages and levels. I will assess and adapt my teaching philosophy to everyone individually, in order to give clear, practical instructions and tasks to make the teaching process easy, interesting, challenging and fun. I strongly believe that successful teaching in swimming requires trust, support and high standards of planning, which meets the criteria of the student such as age, ability and goals.

I really enjoy passing my knowledge to others. The aspect that gives me most satisfaction, is every time I see a big smile from my students, when they make progress. One of my greatest strengths as a teacher is my energy, passion and willingness to help and inspire everyone in the water. I am highly motivated through my teaching philosophy with the fact that, once you have learnt the enjoyment of swimming, this will last a lifetime.  

Level 2 Swimming Teacher with Swim England

Swim Teacher Profile (Jan 2021)
John Image credit: Malaper Photography
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