Fliss Radomska

Why did you decide to apply for your course at Bristol?

I took Sociology for A level on a whim, and found that I clicked with the subject straight away. In Year 12 I attended Sutton Trust Summer School in Bristol, and took a few taster courses in the Social Sciences. I decided that I wanted to stick with Sociology, and more importantly with Bristol. I just loved the city instantly, and even though I looked at a few other universities afterwards, Bristol was still the one that stuck with me. I was chuffed to bits when I got in.

How did the open day help you choose to study at Bristol?

I already had a feel for the University from my experience at Sutton Trust Summer School, but the open day was particularly useful because I had the opportunity to talk in more depth with lecturers and get a better feel for the Sociology course. I spoke to current students about all the different units I could take, and I was impressed with the range of options available throughout.

My other impression from the open day was that Bristol seemed like a very accessible and welcoming environment, compared to the other universities that I visited.

What do you like best about your course?

I liked the wide range of interesting modules that were available for me to study. Some of the units have been so fascinating that I've been inspired to go well beyond the required reading, and after I've finished a topic I'll be thinking about it for a long time afterwards. Most notably, the courses on gender theory here have been particularly interesting.

What do you think of the University’s academics and facilities?

My dissertation supervisor in particular has been absolutely amazing, offering fantastic intellectual and moral support throughout. It's also quite surreal being lectured by academics whose papers I have read and quoted from in my past studies.

What would you like to do once you’ve got your degree?

Next year I'm taking a year out to evaluate my options. I'll be staying here in Bristol and getting a job. After that I'd like to go into something like music supervision or radio content management, or even to come back to the University to do a Masters.

Is there anything you would want to tell prospective students considering studying Sociology at Bristol?

I'd tell prospective students not to be deterred if you don't think you're opinionated enough, because I felt like that when I first turned up. I thought I would put my hand up and get shot down, but it's not like that at all. Everyone listens to each other and respects each other's opinions. Also, don't be scared by the Final Year dissertation - it's not going to eat you!

Lastly, I would highly recommend Bristol as a city. If you're a music nutter like me, it's the place to be. There are so many free gigs and other wonderful cultural events on. It also has a great nightlife and lots of lovely parks to relax in.

Fliss Radomska, BSc Sociology
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