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You can find descriptions of units in the areas that we research and teach in the University Unit Catalogue and the list of optional units available on each of our programmes in the University Programme Catalogue 

Please note: It is possible that the information shown may change due to developments in the relevant academic field.  Optional unit availability varies depending on both staffing and student choice.

A list of teaching staff and their research interests can be found on the SPAIS People webpage

A sample of the current unit guides for the core units we teach is listed below:

2017/18 Teaching Block One (core) units
NameDirector(s)Unit guide
POLIM1006: Security Governance Dr Columba Peoples POLIM1006 (PDF, 383kB)
POLIM3012: International Security Dr Eric Herring
POLIM3012 (PDF, 394kB)
POLIM3013: Feminisms & International Relations Professor Jutta Weldes POLIM3013 (PDF, 407kB)
POLIM3014: Theories of International Relations Dr Filippo Dionigi POLIM3014 (PDF, 381kB)
POLIM3015: International Political Economy Dr Winnie King POLIM3015 (PDF, 373kB)
POLIM3018: Theories of Development Dr Sam Appleton
POLIM3018 (PDF, 356kB)
POLIM0029: Theoretical Approaches in Security Studies Dr Thom Tyerman POLIM0029 (PDF, 564kB)
SOCIM3101: Contemporary Sociological Theory Dr Dan Whillis SOCIM3101 (PDF, 402kB)
SOCIM3107: Theories of Ethnicity & Racism Dr Jon Fox SOCIM3107 (PDF, 813kB)
POLIM0006: East Asia & Global Development Professor Jeffrey Henderson POLIM0006 (PDF, 193kB)
SOCIM0011: Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods in the Social Sciences Dr Paula Surridge SOCIM0011 (PDF, 307kB)
SOCIM0012: Philosophy & Research Design in the Social Sciences Dr Leonidas Tsilipakos SOCIM0012 (PDF, 288kB)
SOCIM0013: Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods in the Social Sciences Professor Therese O'Toole SOCIM0013 (PDF, 374kB)
SOCIM0014: Understanding Culture Dr Marcus Morgan SOCIM0014 (PDF, 454kB)
SOCIM0015: Contemporary Identities and Inequalities Dr Junko Yamashita SOCIM0015 (PDF, 309kB)


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