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You can find descriptions of units in the areas that we research and teach on the University Unit Catalogue 2018/19 and the list of optional units available on each of our programmes in the University Programme Catalogue 2018/19 

Please note: It is possible that the information shown may change due to developments in the relevant academic field.  Optional unit availability varies depending on both staffing and student choice.


Also you can find a list of teaching staff and their research interests on the SPAIS People webpage


A sample of the current unit guides for the core units we teach is listed below:

2017/18 Teaching Block One (core) units
NameDirector(s)Unit guide
POLIM1006: Security Governance Dr Columba Peoples POLIM1006 (PDF, 383kB)
POLIM3012: International Security Dr Eric Herring
POLIM3012 (PDF, 394kB)
POLIM3013: Feminisms & International Relations Professor Jutta Weldes POLIM3013 (PDF, 407kB)
POLIM3014: Theories of International Relations Dr Filippo Dionigi POLIM3014 (PDF, 381kB)
POLIM3015: International Political Economy Dr Winnie King POLIM3015 (PDF, 373kB)
POLIM3018: Theories of Development Dr Sam Appleton
POLIM3018 (PDF, 356kB)
POLIM0029: Theoretical Approaches in Security Studies Dr Thom Tyerman POLIM0029 (PDF, 564kB)
SOCIM3101: Contemporary Sociological Theory Dr Dan Whillis SOCIM3101 (PDF, 402kB)
SOCIM3107: Theories of Ethnicity & Racism Dr Jon Fox SOCIM3107 (PDF, 813kB)
POLIM0006: East Asia & Global Development Professor Jeffrey Henderson POLIM0006 (PDF, 193kB)
SOCIM0011: Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods in the Social Sciences Dr Paula Surridge SOCIM0011 (PDF, 307kB)
SOCIM0012: Philosophy & Research Design in the Social Sciences Dr Leonidas Tsilipakos SOCIM0012 (PDF, 288kB)
SOCIM0013: Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods in the Social Sciences Professor Therese O'Toole SOCIM0013 (PDF, 374kB)
SOCIM0014: Understanding Culture Dr Marcus Morgan SOCIM0014 (PDF, 454kB)
SOCIM0015: Contemporary Identities and Inequalities Dr Junko Yamashita SOCIM0015 (PDF, 309kB)


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