GRC/GIC Research Seminar: Spike Peterson on 'Intimate Inequalities and Geopolitical Insecurities'

21 May 2018, 4.00 PM - 21 May 2018, 5.30 PM

G4, 3 Priory Rd

The GRC and GIC are co-hosting a research seminar with Richard Hodder-Williams Fellow Spike Peterson. 

Prof Peterson will be discussing 'Intimate Inequalities and Geopolitical Insecurities'.

Date: 21st May

Time: 4-5.30pm

Venue: G4, 3 Priory Rd


In 1998, Lauren Berlant claimed that ‘intimacy builds worlds.’ What might it mean to take Berlant’s insight seriously, especially in relation to inequalities and geopolitical insecurities? Economists report that inequalities between nations are greater today than within them. We know that in multiple ways, extreme inequalities exacerbate harms, despair, resentments and conflicts that variously shape or generate ‘geopolitical insecurities.’ Moreover, for citizens in the poor/majority/South, these stark inequalities fuel strategies of labor migration, while in the rich/minority/North nationalist fervor and ‘populist’ movements fuel tighter immigration policies, anti-migrant hostilities and further (racialized) insecurities. I will explore how intimacy figures in this complex play of power relations by examining state/nation regulation of sexual practices, ethnic/racial relations, property/resource distributions and citizenship--hence, migration--options. And I will argue that modern states/nations actually produce and effectively perpetuate inequalities that exacerbate global insecurities.


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