Cancelled: GRC/Ethnicity Centre Research Seminar: Spike Peterson on 'Racial logics of Marriage, Migration and Citizenship'

24 May 2018, 10.46 AM - 24 May 2018, 10.46 AM

G1 7 Priory Rd

** Cancelled  as a result of unforeseen circumstances **

The GRC and Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship are co-hosting a research seminar with Richard Hodder-Williams Fellow Spike Peterson.

Prof Peterson will be discussing 'Racial Logics of Marriage, Migration and Citizenship'.

Date: 24th May

Time: 4-5.30pm

Venue: G1, 7 Priory Rd


Few doubt that racism/s shape harms, inequalities, hostilities and conflicts that directly and indirectly ‘trouble’ world politics. Yet the meaning, practices and effects of racial logics vary temporally and spatially and are especially elusive today when claims of ‘biologistic’ race lack credibility yet racialized violences continue. My current research attempts to 'think racial logics otherwise' by drawing on cross-disciplinary and intersectional research to produce an alternative, critical genealogy of state-making processes and racial formations. I will consider how Eurocentric, state-sanctioned sexual/familial, property, and citizenship arrangements produce ethnic and racialized 'difference,' global inequalities, and anti-immigrant hostilities. I then argue that this analysis provides especially pertinent, applicable understandings of today’s culturally coded racisms and their globally problematic effects.


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