Thomas Lacroix - 'City networks and migration governance: a global overview'

15 November 2018, 5.00 PM - 15 November 2018, 7.00 PM

G4/5 10 Woodland Rd

The Centre of Ethnicity and Citizenship Seminar Series

Thomas Lacroix (University of Poitiers and University of Oxford)  

City networks and migration governance: a global overview

Date: 15th November 2018

Time: 5-7pm

Venue: G4/5 10 Woodland Rd


In the wake of the so-called "migration crisis", cities and city networks have become a focus of attention. Against the background of a sclerosis of interstate cooperation on migration issues, cities seem to be much more pragmatic and innovative. Since the 2010s, one observes a vivid dialogue between cities of all size, from the North or the South, at the national, regional or global level. While interactions with states become more tense, cities have found in translocal networks resources and support for the management of their immigrant populations. The intent here is to present an overview of these networks, from national movements (the cities of sanctuary in the UK or the réseau des villes hospitalières in France, welcoming America in the US), to regional organisations (eurocities, the council of European municipalities) and global platforms (the global mayoral forum, United Cities and Local Governments). What is their role, what kind of ideas and practices do they circulate ? What relationship do they maintain with national governments and what is the bearing of the emergence of such networks for the governance of international migrations and integration?

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