Omar Khan - Islamophobia: Still a challenge for us all

19 April 2018, 5.00 PM - 19 April 2018, 7.00 PM

2D3 (Banton Lecture Theatre), Priory Rd Complex

*This event was originally due to be held on 22nd February but was cancelled due to stike action*

The Centre for Ethnicity and Citizenship Seminar Series

Jointly hosted by Black South West Network

Omar Khan (Director, Runnymede Trust)

In 1997, the Runnymede Trust published its seminal report, Islamophobia: A Challenge for Us All, in which it brought the term and phenomenon of ‘Islamophobia’ to public attention and debate, and presented a definition and analysis of its effects. Two decades later, the Runnymede Trust launched its follow-up 20th anniversary report, Islamophobia: Still a Challenge for Us All.

In this seminar co-hosted by the Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship and the Black South West Network, Omar Khan, Director of the Runnymede Trust, reflects on the impact and significance of the 1997 report and the evolving nature of Islamophobia since. He also discusses the Runnymede Trust’s analysis and redefinition in its 20th anniversary report of Islamophobia as ‘anti-Muslim racism’.

Omar Khan’s presentation will be followed by responses from Professor Tariq Modood, Director of the Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship, Councillor Asher Craig, Deputy Mayor of Bristol and Sue Mountstevens, Avon and Somerset Police Crime Commissioner (TBC). The session will be co-chaired by Sado Jirde, Director of the Black South West Network and Therese O’Toole, Reader in Sociology, Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship.

This event is free but a ticket is required.  Please order a ticket here



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