PGR Workshop on Fieldwork on Conflict Zones

11 October 2018, 2.00 PM - 11 October 2018, 4.00 PM

G1 7 Priory Rd

GIC Benjamin Meaker Visiting Scholar Timothy Donais will be holding a workshop for PGRs, Postdoctoral Researchers and PhD supervisors on Fieldwork in Conflict Zones 

Date: Thursday 11 October

Time: 14:00-16:00

Venue: G1 7 Priory Rd

This workshop will explore ethical and practical issues related to undertaking fieldwork in conflict and post-conflict zones.  This will be an interactive workshop, led by Dr. Timothy Donais, that will explore a wide range of themes to encourage participants to be self-reflexive on the methodologies of fieldwork, and how these can be shaped by the political environment of violent settings.  This workshop will be open to current PhD candidates, Post-doctoral researchers and PhD supervisors from across the University. 


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