General Sir Richard Shirreff

24 October 2016, 6.30 PM - 24 October 2016, 8.00 PM

Richard Shirreff, Tim Edmunds, Ana Juncos and Samuel Rogers.

Priory Road Lecture Theatre, Social Sciences Complex

Will we go to war with Russia next year? The world is more unstable than it has been for a long time. General Sir Richard Shirreff, most recently Commander of the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps and Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe (the most senior British general in the Alliance), argues that Russia is now our most dangerous adversary and why, by failing to heed the warning signals, we are on course for war.
Generals and others down the years have used the tool of fiction to warn about an impending real world disaster in the hopes of stimulating action to avert it. Sir Richard’s recent novel 2017: War with Russia, based on his military experience, describes how events might unfold, starting next year, unless the necessary steps are taken. It is a unique insight from the military front line – and someone at the heart of the defence of the UK and Europe for many years.
Following the talk, a panel of experts – including Tim Edmunds, Ana Juncos and Samuel Rogers – debate the current and future international situations.

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