Lunchtime Seminar on China, Women and Capitalism

13 January 2016, 1.00 PM - 13 January 2016, 2.00 PM

Le Yang and Shia Qin

Room 2E4, Social Sciences Complex

The SPAIS Gender Research Centre is organising a lunchtime seminar on "China, Women and Capitalism", in which two visiting PhD students from two of the very best research institutions in China will share their work. 

The two presentations are:

‘Comfort Women in China’, by Le Yang, PhD candidate at the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing. Her work looks at foreign Marxism and Marxist feminism. 

‘China’s Integration in Global Capitalism’, by Shia Qin, a PhD Candidate in the Philosophy Department of Peking University. Her work deals with Marx, social development theory, and globalisation with a gender dimension. 

All very welcome! As are general questions about China today.

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