Bridge over troubled waters? What future for Bristol and the UK after Brexit

8 November 2016, 6.00 PM - 8 November 2016, 8.00 PM

Prof Esther Dermott, Dr Jon Fox, Dr Ana Juncos, Shelley Nania, Matt Griffith, Dr Nieves Perez-Solorzano

The Watershed, Bristol

In June 2016 the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. This momentous decision was followed by unprecedented political, economic and social uncertainty. Regardless of how they cast their vote, citizens have to navigate a new reality characterised by a deeply divided country, a changing political leadership, and new international challenges. Political leaders and particularly the UK’s government need to define a road map for the country’s new position outside the EU that protects the national interest and builds new bridges with the rest of Europe. The European Union needs to define a future relationship with the UK without undermining European integration or alienating a key ally.  What does the Brexit vote mean for the UK’s international outlook? How will this momentous European divorce shape our economy, politics and culture? How will the UK build new bridges with the rest of Europe?  What is the European Union’s agenda? How should Bristol respond to the new challenges?

Thinking Futures”, part of the national ESRC's Festival of Social Sciences (Bristol 5-12 November 2016), is organising this roundtable. Special topics and speakers include:

Prof Esther Dermott, (Professor of Sociology, University of Bristol) will chair this roundtable.

“Brexit, Immigration and Free Movement”, Jon Fox (Senior Lecturer in Sociology University of Bristol)

Brexit and the UK’s International Outlook”, Ana Juncos (Reader in European Politics, University of Bristol) 

“The Bristol Brexit Strategy”, Shelley Nania (Bristol City Council's European and International Service) 

“Brexit and the Local Economy”, Matt Griffith (Director of Policy, Business West)

“The Significance of the Referendum”, Nieves Perez-Solorzano (Senior Lecturer in European Politics, University of Bristol)


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