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New four year Masters programme with year abroad

7 June 2016

This new four year Masters programme allows you to study the fascinating subject of religion and theology in the UK and abroad.‌

AustraliaYears one and two provide you with a solid foundation in religion’s complex interaction with the world, in which you will learn how to negotiate the different approaches to the subject. In small classroom settings you explore eastern and western religious traditions, and can choose optional units on Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Japanese religions. You may also choose to study languages, including: Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Latin or Sanskrit.

HeidelbergYear three is spent abroad at one of our international partner universities, currently in Canada (McMaster University, McGill University), the United States (University of Richmond, University of Rochester, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Australia (University of Sydney), Singapore (University of Singapore) and in various European countries (University of Dublin Trinity College (Ireland), University of Leiden (Netherlands), KU Leuven (Belgium), Karl-Franzens-Universität (Austria), Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg (Germany). We are already building up further links with prestigious international institutions in Asia and elsewhere, for a fully up to date listing of our partner institutions please click here). At our partner universities you will continue your studies as well as gain international experience, both educationally and culturally, which will give you a strong career development advantage over normal three year degree programmes. 

McMasters CanadaIn your fourth year you will specialise in the subject at Masters level by producing a bespoke research dissertation. You also explore the theme of comparative religions drawing together your skills and knowledge base to rise to a high analytical level, as well as take optional units that enable you to focus on a theme or pursue broader issues in religion and theology.

McMasters sport CanadaHome students typically pay normal UG fees for years one, two and four but only 15% for year three with no fees to pay to the foreign university. This constitutes an important saving in home fees compared to the traditional three-plus-one-year MA (three years UG fee, plus one year MA fee).*

* Information correct at the time of publication.

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