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Gavin D'Costa: 'The Death Penalty – A Catholic Perspective'

8 February 2012

Gavin D'Costa speaks on Death Penalty

Wednesday 15th Feb, at 7.30pm

Blandine Richards Room, 2nd Floor, Student Union

Bristol Students for Life is a secular society which explores life ethics from a variety of different perspectives. The society will host Bristol Theology Professor Gavin D'Costa, who will share his experience of writing to prisoners on death row and talk about the work of the charity 'Lifelines'. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the Death Penalty, the Roman Catholic stance on this issue and how it relates to other pro-life topics. All the society's events are free and are usually followed by drinks at Bar 100! Anyone can join and bring any questions they may have. The society welcomes a hearty debate and are happy to engage with a variety of different viewpoints on this issue!

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