Central Profile Systems

This table describes the profile systems being developed within the University and the function of each. It is provided to illustrate how the EBR Portal profile works alongside other University profiles. This information was also announced on the staff intranet.


EBR Pure Profile

Research-focussed profile fully embedded within Bristol's online research Portal, Explore Bristol Research. Includes profiles for all academic staff, PGRs and other University members conducting University ressearch. Edit using Pure. 

Audience: External

Support URL: http://www.bristol.ac.uk/pure/user-guides/explore-bristol-research/

University Web Profile

Public profiles on the University website to promote the work of research and teaching academics, and other core staff. They are designed to increase the visibility of the University's expertise, make it easier for external audiences (e.g. students, media, industry etc) to find the people and information they require and help foster global collaboration opportunities. The profiles reuse data from other sources, including Pure and MyERP, as well as user inputted data and will replace the legacy People Profiler and Directory of Experts systems. 

Audience: External

Support URL: https://uob.sharepoint.com/teams/grp-externalwebprofilesproject 

Contact Directory Entry

An enhanced internal contact directory within the Intranet which replaces the previous contact directory. A new 'people search' which can be used to find colleagues using their first name, department, areas of work, specialisms, interests etc. 

Audience: Internal

Support URL: https://uob.sharepoint.com/teams/grp-digital-bristol/SitePages/intranet-about-the-project.aspx