Enhance your profile

‌‌How to add to and edit your Pure profile

Academic staff and PGR students with a Pure account will have a profile on the Pure-driven website, Explore Bristol Research (EBR). Any updates you make to your profile in Pure will be instantly reflected in EBR. (The exception are publications and student theses that first need to be validated by the Open Access team). 

Most of your basic information is pulled from other University systems (SITS or ERP). 

For all of the changes below, start at your Personal Overview page. You can find this in the Personal tab. 

Screnshot of the personal tab (blue tab only)

F‌rom here, click into 'Edit Profile'. The below list is in the order you will find the options on the 'edit profile' page. 

Name variants

You can add a known as name where this differs from your official name in the system and this will display on your Explore Bristol Research profile. 

You can also add a default publishing name which can optimise the matching to your author name on imported publication records. 

Qualifications and post-nominal titles


Post-nominal titles are directly sourced from the Finance and HR systems (ERP). You can edit these details by logging into ERP; the instructions are here: https://uob.sharepoint.com/sites/myerp/sitepages/Personal-view-update-info.aspx#changing-your-name-or-titleIf


Post-nominal titles are directly sourced from the student database (SITS). For any amendments, please contact your Faculty Admin team. 


ORCID provides a unique ID that can be used throughout research and publishing lifecycles. The ORCID iD can be particularly helpful to distinguish a researcher from others with a similar name and ensure the correct attributation of published work. Funders and publishers are increasingly asking researchers for their ORCID. 

You can add an existing ORCID to Pure or create an ORCID directly from Pure. Further details about the process can be found on our ORCID webpage: 


Profile Photo

Adding a profile photo can significantly enhance your profile page. 

Select 'Add File'. 

The maximum size is 1MB. If you need to resize the photo, there are various online tools available, or please contact us for assistance. 


screenshot adding photo

You can add links to other webpages on your Explore Bristol Research profile.

We recommend adding a description which will show when hovering over the link. 

You can also tell it the type of link if it is one of the below:

screenshot of drop down list showing link type options

Adding the type will in most cases also add the relevant icon. Otherwise the default icon is a globe.   

screenshot of the various link icons on EBR

I‌f you have a Scopus ID in Pure, this will automatically create a link to your Scopus profile. 

Research Description

Here you can add some information about you and your research. 

screenshot of the button in the profile edit page to add research info

This opens up a text editor.

Once you have added your text, click the blue 'create' button then the blue 'save' button at the bottom of the record. 

External positions

If you hold any current appointments outside of the university, you can highlight them here.

screenshot of the external position button

Free keywords

You can associate yourself with particular keywords and in turn, your profile will be returned in the search results for these terms in Explore Bristol Research. 

screenshot of where to add free keywords in Pure

Free keywords now also feed through to the University Web Profiles as 'Expertise'. 

Please note, free keywords have a different function to structured keywords

Highlighted content

From the Edit menu on the left, select highlighted content

Choose the relevant content type (research outputs, activities etc) you wish to highlight. 

Save the changes. 

The content you have chosen will be visible on your overview page in Explore Bristol Research. The research outputs will also feed through to your University Web Profile as 'selected publications'. 

Updating personal details

Certain details (e.g. names, title, qualifications) that display within your profile record are sourced from other University systems and cannot be updated in Pure. They need to be updated at source (ERP for staff, or SITS for students). The details will then feed into Pure overnight. 

ERP updateshttps://uob.sharepoint.com/sites/myerp/sitepages/Personal-view-update-info.aspx#changing-your-name-or-titleIf

SITS updates: Contact your Faculty Admin team. 

Video guides (adding a photo, research descriptions, links and name variants and a CV)

Please note, all videos are best viewed in full screen mode. Videos do not have audio. Subtitles should appear automatically. 


Add: A photo


Add: A research description


Add: Name variants and links

NB If your name is incorrect in Pure, it needs to be changed at source; see ERP guidance, or contact SITS Faculty Administators


Add: A CV