Maps and Networks

The Map

The collaboration map is one of the features in the Explore Bristol Research Portal. The map on the homepage shows collaboration for the University as a whole. It is generated using the information about co-authors' external organisations. The collaborations are shown by a single red dot per country, the size of which represents the amount of collaborative research. The exceptions are the United States and Australia, which are divided into States. If you click on one of the dots it will show you the list of collaborations, highest numbers first. 


Profile pages also have maps to show individual collaborations. It includes data from the last five years (this is due to be increased in a future Pure release). If a map doesn't appear on a profile, it means that no overseas collaborations have been recorded in Research Outputs or Projects. To ensure that an individual map is as accurate as possible, external co-authors must be affiliated to the correct institution and country in all publications. Specificially, the following field in the external organisation record must be complete:

Screenshot showing the field that must be populated in order to update the collab map

If you decide that the map is not useful for your profile, you can turn it off: 

Go to 'Edit Profile' from your Personal Overview Pure homepage:

You will find a section in the menu called Portal Profile:


Here you can toggle the map on and off on your profile page.



The network tab on your profile shows options to view an individual's internal and external network data. It tracks connections to people, organisations and publications in Pure.