Keywords and Sustainable Development Goals

There are three keyword types in Pure: 

Structured Keywords

What structured keywords do in Pure

Structured Keywords in Pure are used to tag research content (publications, activities, projects, prizes) in order to group the content together. This means that the content can be monitored via filters and exports in Pure, and it can be reported on. The Pure Support team can create a recurring report to show you which content the structured keyword has been added to. 

What structured keywords do in Explore Bristol Research

On the public pages, the structured keyword can group content in a results list using the advanced search results (contact Pure Support to create this). These results can also be produced and linked to via a publications widget on a T4 page, or a publications feed. 

The structured keyword will also appear on the content's overview page like this:

H‌ow to set up and use structured keywords

Contact Pure Support to have a structured keyword added to the available list. The keyword can relate to a theme or interest area or a research group, for example. 

Once the keyword is set up, it must be added manually to content to produce accurate results. Guidance about using keywords in Pure

If you have a large amount of existing content in Pure that needs a keyword and can be identified in a list, we may be able to assist with a bulk keyword addition. 

Structured Keywords and Projects

If a project is linked to a research output that has a structured keyword, that keyword will automatically be added to the project too. Keywords can also be added manually (and removed) from projects, in exactly the same way they are edited for research outputs. 

Sustainable Development Goal Keywords

Pure now has a keyword group which reflects the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The aim is to help demonstrate the ways that the University of Bristol is supporting SDGs. The Cabot Institute for the Environment has information about Bristol and SDGs

The keywords are attached to research outputs. This is done primarily via an automatic daily job in Pure. The job runs search strings and then attaches keywords to research outputs. The searches consider the title, abstract and any existing free keywords. The SDG keywords in Pure can also be added and removed manually. 

The SDG search strings have been developed with expert involvement; more information on each search string can be found in the dataset Identifying research supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

How to find SDG keywords in Pure

The SDG keyword section can be found towards the bottom of the research output editor window. It will look like the one below once keywords have been added. This is where you can also add or remove keywords. 

These keywords are currently only visible in the back-end (Pure), and not publicly on Explore Bristol Research. 

P‌lease note, SDG 17 (Partnerships for the Goals) is not included in the automatic job. The reason is that it is not related to any specific content but to the collaboration on other SDG related work. This can only be added manually, if you feel it satisfies the criteria as set forth by the UN. 

To easily check if any of your research outputs have had a SDG keyword attached by the automatic job, you can use the SDG filter within your research output list:


Future development for SDG keywords in Pure and Explore Bristol Research

In subsequent Pure releases, the SDG keywords will be expanded to other content types, beyond research outputs. They will also be available to add to an individual's profile. 

Subject to how the tags are received, we will be enabling them on Explore Bristol Research so that content and profiles carry the SDG badges. 

Contact Us

If you would like any further information about this, please get in touch. We'd also like to hear feedback about the SDG keywords in Pure, as it will help with future developments.

Free Keywords

Free keywords can be added to your profile or research outputs. Unlike structured keywords, they do not provide a specific function, but will appear on your profile or research outputs in a similar way. 


Please note, these keywords in Pure also feed through to the Expertise section in University Web Profiles