Fingerprinting in Pure and the EBR Portal


What is Fingerprinting?

Fingerprinting is a term for indexing content in order to produce a list of words, or ‘concepts’, which summarise the key subject areas. 

This is an example of the fingerprinting in Pure and EBRHere, “fossil record”, “vertebrate” etc are concepts.  


Those at the top of the list have the highest weighting 

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What have Fingerprints been added to in Pure and the EBR Portal?

 You can find fingerprinting on the following: 

  • Persons 
  • Research Outputs 
  • Projects 
  • Organisations 
  • Prizes 
  • Equipment 

How are the Fingerprints calculated?

A dozen specialised thesauri have been loaded into Pure and the concepts are created from them 

Persons are calculated using a combination of your research interest statements, all research outputs and prizes 
Research outputs are calculated using a combination of title and the abstract (N.B. not the actual publication text) 
Projects are calculated using all associated awards 
Organisations are calculated using all research outputs associated with the organisation 
Prizes and Equipment are calculated by using the title and all descriptions 
Please note, some Pure upgrades include enhancements to the Fingerprint Thesauri which may sometimes slightly change the Finerprint. 


How are the Fingerprints weighted?

The highest weighted fingerprint appears at the top of the list and the ‘donut’ image and font size shows the weighting. The weighting is calculated according to the relevance and frequency that the concept is mentioned.  

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Why doesn't my content have a Fingerprint?

Fingerprints are not generated for every record. If, for example, a publication does not have an abstract, there will be no Fingerprint. Equally, there is a minimum 20% weighted rank threshold for any concept, and if it falls below this, the concept will not appear.  

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Can I edit the Fingerprints?

You can choose to turn Fingerprints on or off within your personal profile and outputs; or remove specific concepts if you do not think they accurately reflect your content. Projects and prizes fingerprints cannot be edited.  

To edit your profile or publication fingerprint, select "edit profile" or open output record and then choose ‘Fingerprints’ from the left hand menu. Here you can turn off an entire fingerprint group, using the "On/Off" toggle:


Or you can hover over an individual concept, where you’ll see a ‘remove’ option: 


Don't forget to select "Save".

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Want to learn more?

There is a further in-depth explanation of fingerprinting available. If you have further questions, please contact  

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