Explore Bristol Research (Pure Portal)

The Explore Bristol Research Portal is the website for the University's research. The EBR Portal holds information about the research of our members, including publications, theses, projects, prizes, datasets and activities. The Portal also includes profiles for all current academic staff and post graduate research students, and descriptions of the research environment within each School and Department. 

The content of the EBR Portal comes from the University Research Information System, Pure. 

The EBR Portal hosts tens of thousands of full-text manuscripts and research theses. These are made openly available to the public with terms of use

The EBR Portal is the new version of Explore Bristol Research pages with a fresh design and enhanced functionality. Unlike the current EBR website, which is custom-built by the Pure supplier, the new portal is a standard product. 

Video Introduction to the new Explore Bristol Research Portal 

This one-minute video introduces you to the key points of the new site. Please note, the video has subtitles and no sound. If you prefer to watch the video in full screen, please do so at YouTube



What is New?

Although there are new pieces of functionality, it is important to stress that the core purpose and content of EBR has not changed. The EBR Portal continues to be updated by Pure and all content areas and profiles remain. 

New features and advantages of the EBR Portal:

What do I need to do?

Your existing content will be migrated and no specific action is required. However you may want to familiarise yourself with the design of your new profile and related pages. If you want to amend anything in your profile, including Fingerprinting and Maps, you can do so via Pure. If your profile does not already include a photo and research interests, we encourage you to add these. 

Find FAQs here


For questions about the research on the EBR Portal, please use the contact information found on the researcher profiles or on the School / Departmental pages. 

For general help with the EBR Portal, please contact pure-support@bristol.ac.uk  

We're always interested to hear people's feedback. If you have any comments and questions about the EBR Portal, you can contact us on pure-support@bristol.ac.uk