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Frequently Asked Questions

 For FAQs about Fingerprinting, please see the Fingerprinting page.


What if my work is not research-focussed?

The Explore Bristol Research Portal is research-focussed, including the individual profile pages. The University recognises that not all academic staff will want to use a profile that is only research focussed. 

The Univeristy Web Profiles provide enhanced profiles and people search functionality on the University website for research and teaching academics, and other core staff. These profiles combine data from several sources such as Pure, contact directory and ERP. 

More information about further development can be found on the University Web Profiles Project site

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How do I edit my information?

Editing name/ title/ job title

Staff: This needs to be done at source (ERP) as the data from here is pulled into Pure. There is information about how to change personal details here

Students: Please contact your Faculty Administrators who update SITS and the data will be pulled into Pure. If you do not also have a staff record, you can add post-nominal titles into the 'title' field of your Pure profile (select the 'post-nominal' title type). 

Adding a photo, ORCID and research statement: Log in to Pure and make the updates via Edit Profile.

Toggle the collaboration map on / off: There is information about how to do this on the Maps and Networks page.

Edit Fingerprints on my profile and on research outputs: There is information about how to do this on the Fingerprinting page. 

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I've added content in Pure and it's not visible on Explore Bristol Research

When new content is saved it goes into an update queue. Normally the processing happens within seconds, however if a large number of changes are already in the queue at the time that new content is added, it may take longer. If you do not see the change within 30 minutes on the public pages, please contact us. 

The exception to this are publications or theses that need to be validated or revalidated by the Library. These will not be publicly visible until this has happened. If your publication has the status 'completed', then it will not yet be visible. There is further information on the Open Access pages. 

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Where is the supervision information?

If you have supervised theses, this will appear in a tab on your profile page under "Supervised Work" once the thesis is published on EBR. Information about person to person supervision no longer appears on Explore Bristol Research. Supervision information is still available on Pure. The exclusion of supervision information is part of the standard Portal configuration, although we and other customers have raised our preference to have it included, so this may change in future versions. 

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Links to Scopus and ORCID can be added to your Explore Bristol Research page by adding them in Pure. Go into 'Edit Profile' on your Pure profile homepage:

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Where is the handle.net link?

All of the handle.net links can be found within the output record within Pure, click on 'display' in the menu. They are currently not visible on Explore Bristol Research, although this will change in a future release. 

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How does the search function work?

There is a quick search bar on the homepage. If you wish to search more specifically, you can click into the content type you wish to look within first (for example, click into 'Research Outputs' and use the search bar within that page to limit the search to research outputs only). 

You can also use the 'Advanced Search' function for more specific searching again:


There are also filter options available once you click into one of the content types, or perform a simple search. These can be seen down the left-hand side of the screen and you be able to pick out specific filters that you are interested in to eliminate other results (e.g. year, organisation, author etc). 

You can export search results from EBR (see 'Can I export information from EBR').

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Why does my page not have a collaboration map?

The collaboration map is only visible if external authors have been added in Pure, including their country and overseas institution. Please note, the country needs to be recorded in the drop-down list in Pure, not in the 'Name' field. If there are none recorded, the map will not appear. External authors can be added to content retrospectively. 

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Can I export information from EBR?

Yes - on the search results page you should see an option at the top of the results list called 'Export Search Results'. Clicking this will produce a list in Excel showing that page's search results, including three columns: rank, name and URL. The maximum number of results per page is 50. If you want to include the next page's results, you will need to export the results on each subsequent page separately and collate in Excel. 

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We're always interested to hear people's feedback. If you have any comments and questions about the EBR Portal, you can contact us on pure-support@bristol.ac.uk