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Fingerprinting in Pure

6 April 2020

You may have noticed an addition to your profile in Pure this week. There's an extra item in the profile menu called "Fingerprinting". This is a new feature, currently only available in Pure (it is not yet shown in Explore Bristol Research, although that will happen in future). We have some further guidance about Fingerprinting on our user guide pages. Please have a look on your profile and we'd be interested to hear any feedback pure-support@bristol.ac.uk


Online Training and Drop-ins

20 March 2020

We are planning our training and drop-in sessions to move them online in response to the Covid-19 advice. Our first online drop-in is on Tuesday 24 March, 12-2pm. Join here. We are planning for our Introduction training session on 1 April to be held online too. Pure Support remains as now; please email us with any questions at pure-support@bristol.ac.uk.


PlumX Metrics and Pure

28 February 2020

PlumX Metrics have been enabled in Pure, on a total of over 90 000 research outputs. All research outputs which have a DOI will have PlumX data. You can view the data in Pure by going into the output record and navigating to “metrics” in the menu:



If the research output is indexed in Scopus, then you will also see a link called “See details for output” which will provide a further breakdown.

Please note, this data is visible on Pure only (to all Pure users), but it is not available publicly on Explore Bristol Research. We are enabling PlumX metrics now in Pure as a precursor to our redesigned portal will have more visible PlumX information.


Explore Bristol Research redesign

19 February 2020

Explore Bristol Research will be redesigned and refreshed; with a launch date in the next quarter. The new version will have a more modern look and enhanced functionality. Please see our dedicated news page for further updates. 


Upgrade confirmation

18 February 2020

We have now upgraded to Pure version 5.16.3. The updates include the following key changes: 

  • REF module algorithm. If you have any questions about this, please contact ref-help@bristol.ac.uk 
  • Projects – you can now add a co-managing organisation to a project. This means that if more than one organisation is managing or participating in a project, both named organisations will be able to view the project details and edit them. 
  • Activities – there is an extra visibility option to mark an activity ‘highly confidential’. This means it will only be visible to a very small group of people within the University (the creator of the activity and Pure Administrators). 
  • Multiple corresponding authors – you will now be able to set more than one corresponding author in a contributor list. 

Upgrade plans

10 February 2020

We are currently testing the next version of Pure (5.16.3) and if it passes all tests then the upgrade is scheduled to go ahead on Tuesday 18 February. The upgrade work will start at 7:15am and we expect it to be complete by 9am. 

A major part of the upgrade will introduce new REF functionality. This version introduces an algorithm, which for each UoA calculates the optimal way to attribute REF2s to staff members. Due to the regular release of new REF functions into Pure this year, we expect to be upgrading more regularly in 2020.  

For non-REF module users, there will not be any major changes. Any changes or new functionality will be listed on this news page, and user guides updated appropriately. 


Maintenance work

17 January 2020

We are having maintenance work on the Pure servers over the weekend of 25-26 January. Pure and Explore Bristol Research will still be available for the majority of this time, however there will be some short periods of downtime (expected maximum 2 hours). The maintenance work runs from 7am-4pm each day. Information also available on our Twitter feed and the IT Service Status page. 


Upgrade confirmation

16 January 2020

Pure has successfully been upgraded. We are now looking towards the next major release which we're hoping to move to in the next month as it contains a lot of updated REF functionality. 


Upgrade information

6 January 2020

Pure will be upgraded to version 5.15.3-2 on Thursday 16 January. The downtime is scheduled from 7am to 8:30am. The upgrade is minor and users will not see changes, with the exception of users who are proposing outputs for REF which do not yet have a published status. This issue is specifically what the bug is fixing so that users will be able again to propose outputs in other statuses. 


Emails From Pure

3 January 2020

Since moving to a cloud-hosted platform in November, our e-mail server for Pure is now based in Denmark, which is where the Pure HQ is. As a result, any e-mails from Pure (such as notifications or reports) are currently coming from "purehosted@atira.dk". This is a secure and genuine source. We are hoping to be able to move the server back to the UK in future. Any questions, please contact us on pure-support@bristol.ac.uk.

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