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Get the latest on Pure/EBR developments at UoB, such as system upgrades or new integrations. Find out if any maintenance interruption has been scheduled or if there are any issues with the system.


Pure Upgrade, Monday 31 January

21 January

Pure will be upgraded on Monday 31 January, at 11am GMT. This means Pure will be unavailable for up to 30 minutes.

This upgrade introduces functionality that will to improve the quality of our Pure data in several areas (external organisations, datasets etc).

This version also includes some new reporting features.  Further reporting features will be released in the next major upgrade (due Spring) at which point we will be able to use the new reporting module to replace some of the existing scheduled reports.



Pure & ORCID integration and notifications

22 November

There has been a lot of editing of outputs in Pure over the last month, the nature of which may have triggered the validation workflow and in turn, the push of metadata from Pure to ORCID.  Researchers with linked Pure and ORCID accounts may have received a higher than normal volume of ORCID emails notifying them of changes to their records.

Please be reassured that these changes are genuine output edits.

If you are receiving a stream of ORCID emails and would prefer no to, you can update your ORCID settings following the ORCID inbox notifications and frequency settings guidance. 


Advanced Search in Pure and Keywords

26 October

The advanced search functionality which allows you to search on a keyword and return all results is not working as expected. Currently zero results are returned, even when there is content related to that keyword. The data is still correct in Pure, but it is not translating to the public search. Elseiver have acknowledged this and we expect it to be fixed around mid-December; exact date to be confirmed. We are aware that a number of 'Latest Publications' links that link to this search result on T4 pages are affected by this in particular. The Digital Communications team have also been made aware. 

Scopus Author IDs in Pure

7 October

We will soon be running a new regular job in Pure that will match your name and publications profile with that in the Scopus database. Where a match is found, a Scopus Author ID is added to your profile. 

You may see some new visual indicators when you visit the Edit Profile window in Pure. For example:

Screenshot of example Scopus Author ID which has been verified

D‌epending on the strenght of the match, a different flag is added next to the ID. The statuses are:

For further general information about Scopus, and if you want more information about actions available to you as a result of these indicators, please visit the Scopus author profile refinement page. 

Pure Upgrade, Monday 27 September

22 September

Pure will be upgraded on Monday 27 September, at 8am. This means Pure will be unavailable for up to 30 minutes. 

One of the changes you may notice is related to structured keywords. The upgrade will allow us to automatically add keywords from research outputs to projects, if the two are already linked. So if you have added a keyword to a paper which is also related to a project, that project will receive the keyword too. This will extend our keyword use and mean that projects can also be seen from keyword searches on Explore Bristol Research. If you'd like any more information about using keywords, please contact us: Pure Support

There is also now a preprint template available to use. You can find it by clicking the Add Content button, and then choosing Research Output from the menu and Working Paper from the sub-menu. 

We will shortly be adding some more information about upcoming changes to Scopus Author IDs. There will not be any immediate changes to this following the upgrade. 

Profile photos in Pure

20 September

 An issue has been identified with the Profile Photos held in Pure. Profile photos for academic staff and PGRs are not currently available within Pure or on Explore Bristol Research. We are currently investigating with the Pure software vendor. In the meantime, if any Pure users have an urgent need to have their Profile Photo restored, please contact the support team at pure-support@bristol.ac.uk

Update: We have now confirmed a plan for recovering Pure profile images.  The images will be restored gradually over the next 2 to 3 weeks. In the meantime if Pure users urgently need their Profile Photo restored, please contact the support team at pure-support@bristol.ac.uk.  Pure users also can upload photos themselves following these instructions: www.bristol.ac.uk/pure/user-guides/profile-editing/ 

Once again, we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

New Personal Overview in Pure

6 August

*Update* We have created some drop-in sessions if you would like to chat to us about the new overview. The first is a general Teams drop-in on Tuesday 24 August, and there are some further bookable slots over the following days:

Tuesday 24 Augst, 10:30 - 11:30 Right click and copy this link address and add to your calendar: Teams Meeting Link - drop in for a chat with the team

Or book a 1:1 slot using the Bookings calendar 


Changes to expect

The Pure Personal Overview layout will soon be changing. It is not yet available, this is advance notice of the change. The changes will be happening w/c 23 August

You will see your Overview under the Personal tab:

Screnshot of the personal tab (blue tab only)

The overview will be updated to a cleaner, simplified style, with improvements to fonts and colour selection for accessibility. It continues the design changes that are occuring across Pure and Explore Bristol Research. 

The Personal Overview includes:

screenshot of personal overview introduced in 2021

‌It is important to note that:

For the next few months, you will see this toggle in the top right of your overview page that allows you to switch back to the old view. 

screenshot of the toggle which allows users to switch back to the old view of personal overview

T‌he new overview will become the default by early 2022 and this toggle will disappear at that point. 

For futher details, please see our page here: http://www.bristol.ac.uk/red/research-policy/pure/user-guides/personal-overview/

PlumX removal from Pure and Explore Bristol Research on Friday 30 July

20 July

Article-level Plumx metrics have been available in Pure and on Explore Bristol Research (EBR) since 2020 and they can be a useful indication of the online reach of a publication. However PlumX metrics in Pure are changing and will shortly include aggregated person-level metrics. These person metrics are not only partial, the sources are opaque and very difficult to derive, and there is no option to provide commentary or interpretation. We have consulted with the University's Research Improvement Group and agree that the likelihood of confusion, misinterpretation, and potential misuse is too great to keep the metrics in Pure. We will remove them on 30th July 2021.

We would like article level metrics to be reinstated without the person level data, and are working with the vendor to make this happen. We hope to be able to reinstate article level PlumX data in 2022.

Article-level PlumX metrics are still available to University members via Scopus. This guidance illustrates where in Scopus they appear: https://blog.scopus.com/posts/plumx-metrics-now-on-scopus-discover-how-others-interact-with-your-research.

Other metrics (Altmetric.com, Scopus citations and full-text downloads) will remain in Pure/EBR.

New template for Protocols in Pure

4 June

If you have a protocol that you would like to add to Pure, there is now a specific template to use.

new template for protocols


 Sustainable Development Goal Keywords

1 June

Following the recent upgrade, Pure can now display Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) keywords on research outputs. The keywords are added automatically via a daily system job. For further details, please see our SDG Keywords page

Pure Upgrade

18 May

We are intending to upgrade Pure to the next major version a week today (Tuesday 25 May) at 11am. This means there will be a short downtime of up to 30 minutes.

There are a few small changes you will notice following the upgrade.

The global search will look and behave slightly differently. The aim is to provide clearer and more accessible results. Previously, search results across content types were limited to what content types were present in the top 50 results across all content types. Global search results now represent the results found across all content types.

Global search changed look slightly in May 2021 - screenshots for News page

 Y‌ou can hover over the icon to see the name of content type that icon represents. Click onto it to see the results for that content type only. 

changes May 2021

T‌he total count of search results is displayed in the Top Results tab. Total results per content type are shown on each content type tab. Click through to go to the content overview screen, and continue refining your search using the filters. 


Rather than fixed in the bottom left corner of the screen, My History will instead show as a slide up view when you hover over it. 

Changes May 2021

It will now also highlight the last action you made on that content, as shown by a tag (e.g. 'Opened', 'Modified').

Changes May 2021


On first visit to the Explore Bristol Research (the Pure Portal), you will be presented with a banner at the bottom of the page asking you to consent to cookie storage, or manage the types of cookies you consent to the site using. No cookies will be used before you have given consent. This update puts the Pure Portal in full compliance with GDPR. 

Once you have saved your preferences, you will not see this banner again, unless you clear cookies or use a new or incognito browser.

Upload of data into ORCID

22 April

For those that have set and authorised the link, Pure uploads data into ORCID daily. We have recently encountered some problems with this job, and it is no longer working every day. We are able to push the information through manually approximately twice a week. If you have noticed that your ORCID data is not updating as promptly as usual, this is why. Elsevier and ORCID are working on resolving this. We'll update again once we're back to normal daily updates. Update - this is now resolved (14/05/21)

Explore Bristol Research survey

24 March

From Monday 29 March, you may notice a short survey pop-up on Explore Bristol Research. We're interested in finding out whether users, both internal and external, are able to find what they were looking for. The survey is four brief questions and should take about 30 seconds to complete. We'd appreciate any feedback you're able to give through this. The survey will only remain on the site for a limited time, and once you have completed it, you won't see it again. 

Pure Upgrades

8 March

Both upgrades have now been completed, and Pure is running on version 5.19.3-3. The upgrades were done to support the REF submission, which is made via Pure. 

We are not currently anticipating further upgrades prior to the REF, although if any problems become apparant that require further system fixes, this is a possibility. 

Pure Upgrades

22 February

Pure will be upgraded twice in the next two weeks, on the following dates:

Monday 1 March, at 11am

Monday 8 March, at 11am

Both upgrades will involve a short amount of downtime, up to a maximum of 30 minutes. Both upgrades are directly related to the REF submission and you will not see any changes. Thank you for your continued patience with our upgrade schedule, which is particularly full at the moment.

Research Output graph on Explore Bristol Research

11 February

The graph which showed research output numbers by year on Explore Bristol Research profiles has now been removed, following feedback from a number of users.

Pure upgrade complete

1 February

Pure has been updated this morning to the new version. Thank you for your patience with the recent regular upgrades.

Pure upgrade, Monday 1 February

25 January

We will be upgrading Pure (to version 5.19.3-1) on Monday 1 February, at 8am. This will entail up to 30 minutes of downtime. The upgrade is a minor one, and is centered around updates for the REF submission. You should not notice any other changes to either Pure or Explore Bristol Research.

Pure User Survey results

21 January

Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey. The survey is still available for completion here: http://www.bristol.ac.uk/red/research-policy/pure/support/user-survey/

This survey was advertised for a total of two weeks in November and December 2020. Some key themes that came out of the survey:

How easy do you find Pure to use?

An even mix of all replies from very easy to very difficult to navigate

How often do you use Pure?

The most common response was 'monthly'.

What do you think of Explore Bristol Research?

Mostly positive responses, a couple of negative reactions

If you have contacted Pure Support, what was your experience?

All positive responses

What is your preference for training materials online?

Top choice: screenshots, followed by text explanations and videos


What are we doing with this information?

It is helpful for us to understand how different users navigate Pure. We recognise that Pure as a system and the processes within it are not always intuitive. We would like to understand better what users are finding difficult in particular, and why the support pages do not always answer their questions. We are pleased to see that people generally are receiving the support they need from our team. We will be transitioning our support pages to SharePoint in 2021. Part of the transition will be a review of the information in there and how we can better answer some of the most common questions we receive. We will also be reviewing how the information is presented and how it connects to other sites, specifically Open Access and Library processes.

New Import Source - Data Monitor

14 January

We will soon be enabling imports from Data Monitor. Data Monitor is a data search engine for researchers covering a variety of institutional repositories and data sources. It will allow us to search for datasets that are relevant to UoB and synchronize the details into Pure.

Looking for older news about Pure? Go to the Pure news archive.

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