EBR Portal Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Please note, the Explore Bristol Research Portal Terms of Use described below are in addition to the general Terms of Use for the University of Bristol website.


Explore Bristol Research (EBR) provides a publicly available view of research outputs information drawn directly from metadata records (bibliographic details) maintained in Pure, the University's Research Information System. Open access to the manuscript of research outputs is provided where publishers' policies permit. EBR is not a publisher, it is an online archive.


For information describing items in the repository

Anyone may access the metadata free of charge. The metadata may be re-used in any medium without prior permission for personal research or study, educational or non-commercial purposes provided: either the OAI identifier, or a link to the original metadata record in Explore Bristol Research is given. Commercial use without prior permission is not permitted.


Anyone may access the manuscript of outputs free of charge. Manuscript works may be copied, distributed, displayed and performed, without prior permission, for personal research or study, educational or non-commercial purposes under the following conditions:

Please note: some manuscript items have specific rights conditions and permissions attached to them, e.g. a work individually licensed by a specific Creative Commons Licence. Details of specific conditions and permissions are included in the Rights field of the metadata record in EBR.

Manuscript items may only by harvested, and searched and copied by text mining software by prior permission, please contact pure-support@bristol.ac.uk


Manuscript outputs may only be deposited in Explore Bristol Research by accredited members of the University of Bristol. Authors may only deposit their own work in EBR. The validity and authenticity of deposited items is the sole responsibility of the Depositor. EBR administrators will validate all deposited outputs to ensure accuracy of the metadata and compliance with publisher or funder requirements, the eligibility of authors and depositors, relevance to the scope of EBR, and valid layout and format.

Works will be embargoed in compliance with publisher or funder requirements. Any copyright violations are entirely the responsibility of the authors and depositors. Where notice of a copyright violation is received, these will be investigated in line with the Take down policy (see below).

Take down policy

Explore Bristol Research is a digital archive and the intention is that deposited content should not be removed from it. However, if you have a valid reason for requesting an output be removed from Explore Bristol Research, e.g. if you believe that deposit of a version of the work breaches copyright law, please contact: open-access@bristol.ac.uk and include the following information in your message:

On receipt of your message the Open Access Team will immediately investigate your claim, make an initial judgement of the validity of the claim and, where appropriate, withdraw the item in question from public view.


Metadata and manuscript outputs will be retained indefinitely. Explore Bristol Research will try to ensure the continued readability and accessibility of manuscript outputs by migrating to new formats where necessary. However, EBR may not be able to guarantee the indefinite readability of some file formats. Manuscript outputs will not normally be removed from EBR.

In the event of Explore Bristol Research being closed down, the database will be transferred to another appropriate archive.