News in 2013

  • Jeremy O’Brien video from TEDMEDLive Bristol 11 June 2014 In April 2013 TEDMEDLive Bristol brought together some of Bristol's leading thinkers, researchers and innovators.
  • The world’s first open-access quantum processor 27 September 2013 The University of Bristol has launched the world’s first open-access quantum processor as part of a set of online resources for anybody interested in quantum technologies called Quantum in the Cloud.
  • Jeremy O’Brien at the World Economic Forum 16 September 2013 The ability to design and create new materials and pharmaceuticals at a fraction of today’s costs is just one of the possibilities that were described by Professor Jeremy O’Brien at the World Economic Forum meeting of the New Champions 2013 held in Dalian, China.
  • Quantum cryptography is coming to mobile phones 2 September 2013 The first practical way of carrying out quantum cryptography - which allows messages to be sent with complete secrecy - using a mobile phone has been developed by researchers at the University of Bristol and Nokia.
  • Jeremy O’Brien at Quantum Technologies roundtable 4 July 2013 A roundtable discussion was held on 4 July 2013 between industry, researchers and government organisations to explore how the UK can take the science behind potential quantum technologies through to application.
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