The impact of media on drink enjoyment

Experiment details

The study will involve one visit to the School of Psychological Science. The visit will last up to 40 minutes. You will be reimbursed for your time with £7 (or equivalent course credits).

You will be asked to consume 330ml of lager (Heineken [5% ABV] at your own pace whilst watching a documentary. You will then be asked to complete two online questionnaires about your enjoyment of the drink and your usual drinking habits.

Study Location: 5th floor, 12a Priory Road Complex

Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria

Inclusion criteria:

  • Drink at least one alcoholic drink per week.
  • Like lager.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Aged between 18 and 40 years.

Exclusion criteria:

  • Personal or family history of alcoholism.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Alcohol consumption within 24 hours of the study session.

Full inclusion/exclusion criteria can be found in the participant information sheet below. Please complete the online eligibility questionnaire to find out if you are eligible.

Find out more and sign up to participate

For more information, please read the Participent Information Sheet: PIS Impact of media on drink enjoyment study (PDF, 58kB)

To find out if you are eligible, please complete the online eligibility questionnaire:

Sessions can only be booked after the screening survey has been completed.

To find out more, please contact Laura Brocklebank.


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