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Straight-sided beer and cider glasses to reduce alcohol sales for on-site consumption: A randomised crossover trial in bars

23 April 2021

This new dataset has been published in the UoB data repository.

The dataset was created by Laura Brocklebank, Anna Blackwell, Theresa Marteau, Gareth Hollands, Paul Fletcher, Katie De-loyde, Richard Morris, Mark Pilling, Rachel Pechey, Olivia Maynard, Angela Attwood and Marcus Munafo.

"This was a randomised four-period crossover (i.e., multiple-treatment reversal) trial to estimate the impact of serving lager, ale and cider in straight-sided glasses on alcohol consumption in public houses and bars. Twenty-four bars in the UK took part. All participating venues completed two intervention periods (serving draught beer in straight-sided glasses) and two control periods (serving draught beer in the venue’s usual glasses), lasting a total of 8 weeks. The primary outcome was the mean volume (in litres) of draught lager, ale and cider (combined) sold weekly, which was compared between intervention and control periods."

For more information and to download the dataset, see:

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